Chris Sancetta

Chris has worked as a personal trainer and coach and physical education teacher for over 16 years. He received a B.S. in Physical Education and Exercise Science from Towson University. Chris is a Physical Education teacher at Gould School in North Caldwell N.J.  His love and passion for children are just a few of the qualities that set him apart from other trainers.  Chris' unique approach to physical fitness provides athletes the ability to meet and exceed their own expectations in a positive healthy manner.  Chris is a father, coach, teacher and community leader in his home town of Essex Fells N.J.

Since the inception of Adrenaline, he has been working with athletes of all ages from a wide variety of sports and instills the confidence needed to excel in any athletic situation. 

    •     specializes in dry land training has been working with Cougars Aquatic Team #1 in N.J.
    •      takes athletes to new levels of strength and conditioning with swimming-specific workouts but not limited too.
    •    Training will include a unique combination of dynamic stretching, core strength, body bearing and weight resistance training
    •     rehabilitation and  injury prevention.
    •    athletes with special needs and limitations
    •    adolescent weight management