How is Adrenaline different from other gyms?

First, Adrenaline is not just a gym, it is a customized training facility designed specifically to accommodate our training program that we call "Power Circuits". Where traditional gyms leave you bored and unmotivated after a few months, Adrenaline keeps you going. We offer a customized workout each time you come.

With a fitness professional to guide and motivate you throughout your workout, Adrenaline combines traditional training favorites and cutting-edge techniques into a "Power Circuit" that provides you with the best possible workout.

Is Adrenaline for everyone?

Adrenaline members range in age from 16 to 65. From mothers who are losing pregnancy weight to marathon runners improving their times. No matter what your fitness goal is, we'll help you achieve it.

What does a typical workout consist of?

A "Power Circuit" combines cardiovascular, weight training, and plyometrics to make the most of your training time.

Does Adrenaline offer kick boxing?


And you've never done kick boxing like this anywhere.

Who will guide me through my workout?

Owned and operated by Chris and Jodi Sancetta who have over 20 years of training, athletic and dance experience to their credit, they are more than qualified to help you reach your maximum potential.

Does Adrenaline have shower facilities?

Yes we have a private shower with free workout and shower towel service.