Speed Training

Speed, Quickness, and Agility
We are the industry's leader in performance enhancement.  We offer both speed and quickness for athletes of all ages.  Our specialty training provides both improved athletic performance and complete self confidence.

    •    Leaders in performance
    •    speed training and endurance training
    •    improves speed of movement and strength in character
    •    improved athletic performance
    •    develops high level of confidence

Dry land training for swimmers is a rigorous exercise that incorporates complex biomechanical movements. Swimmers must possess technical skill, coordination, muscular balance, and athletic ability. Swimming is unlike any other exercise due to the use  of the body's large muscle groups that must simultaneously  propel you through the water.  Its unique movement requires specialized fitness training for swimming and differs from most conventional land based sports

    •    Injury prevention
    •    flexibility
    •    joint mobilization
    •    Official trainer for the Cougar's Aquatic team.  The Cougars are ranked number #1in the state of New Jersey.