My life has been consumed by physical activity every since I can remember. I have played almost every sport, from soccer to field hockey to ballet. After playing sports for just about 19 years I believed I had it all figured out. Just when I thought I reached my highest potential playing for a Division 1 field hockey team, I met Jodi. Adrenaline changed my body, my performance, and my game. My coaches were blown away when I returned for preseason this year, and explained how swiftly I was able to move up and down the field. Adrenaline took me through high intensity interval training workouts everyday, and put me in the best shape of my life. My lung capacity and my body strength have improved immensely, and I am so fortunate to now know how much I am actually capable of. Being a part of the Adrenaline community I was inspired everyday to reach a different level because everyone there wants to work hard to be their best self. Adrenaline has given me the confidence and power to be the best athlete I can be, and has made it easier to compete at a higher level. I now can’t imagine my life without Jodi and her unbelievable program she has created. 


Thank you so much for helping us this season!Training with Jodi was a really awesome experience. I loved the fact that overtime I could actually feel myself becoming stronger. The best part was as the season progressed I realized during games I wasn't as tired for my stamina had increased. You really see and feel the changes in your muscles and it's great cause it makes you feel good! 

Caroline Fiore

Hi Jodi!!

I just want to thank you for making the field hockey team a better and stronger team. I feel so much better about myself because of all the work I have done with you! You have made it easier for me to keep my endurance and have the most energy on the field! Thank you for all the work you have done with us! 

Marisa Racamato

Marisa Racamato

Being apart of the adrenaline program has challenged me both mentally and physically more than anything I've ever been apart of. The intensity of the workout is one that can't be matched, but the feeling after completing these workouts is unbelievable. After the first few sessions your body is beat up and tired, but the progress I have made personally has really begin to show with being able to workout longer and harder over time. I am so grateful for going through this program because it has helped me develop into a stronger person and player! 

Kelly Cousoulis

Working out with Adrenaline has changed my entire perspective on fitness. The workouts are vigorous and exhausting, yet very rewarding. My strength, stamina, endurance and momentum has drastically increased since starting Adrenaline. As an athlete, I feel my team and I both excessively benefited from the workouts and we out fitness all of our opponents thanks to Adrenaline!

Jackie Renda

Jodi and the team at adrenaline helped me to improve my strength and reach my goal times for my preseason field hockey test at the University of Iowa. At adrenaline the workouts we did daily pushed me and made me more fit and in shape. We would do a variety of different workouts which were all so awesome. I felt more confident and strong going into the season because I had the amazing opportunity to train with Jodi 5 days a week. I love how competitive working out at adrenaline is, they challenged me everyday. After the workouts the feeling is beyond rewarding! I am really looking forward too going back over winter break.

Natlie Cafone

Thankyou for training me for all this time! Training with you has been an amazing experience because it taught me the correct way to work out! You have pushed me to where I feel so great about myself and I couldn't thank you enough!! Your such an amazing trainer, I couldn't ask for anyone better! 

Gab Girardi

I feel that the training that we have received from you has truly benefitted us. With your help, we are more than ready to win the state championship this year and the TOC!!

Caitlin Morr


Working with Jodi has been such a good expierence. Her workouts are extremely tough but are completely worth it in the end, this is the best shape I've ever been in. When working with her one should expect to get in killer shape and become extremely motivated!

Kaitlyn Struss 

Hi Jody ,

Your training has helped me out so much this year. I'm in such good shape along with everyone else and I'm so happy that we got to train with you this year. You're such a great addition to our team! I can feel my body getting stronger everyday!

Thank you!! 

Demi Russo

Working out with Jodi really helped me a lot! She helped build my core and endurance. I've gotten so much stronger since I started the Adrenaline training! I'm so glad I got a chance to train with her this season!                       

Tayler Schauer

Hi Jodi!

Training with you has gotten me in so much better shape then I was before. I feel much stronger and faster. It has made me have more energy in games without getting tired quickly. It also taught me how to workout right.


Janelle Perillo

I love feeling great after your workout!

Lia Sinisi

Field Hockey Lacrosse Personal TrainingAdrenaline has changed my life and made me a better, more versatile athlete. I have become stronger physically and mentally and my awareness and vision on the field has improved. Because my body is in shape, I can take the time to concentrate more on my field hockey and lacrosse skills, which makes me elite. Adrenaline has altered my mind set on the way I look at competition and has made me unstoppable when faced with adversity. You are not going to get better training anywhere else. The trainers at adrenaline devote there lives to helping athletes and people be better than they already are. My college career would be nothing without my constant training at Adrenaline. The ideal protein diet has changed my body, mind, and overall well-being. I have been compiled with confidence and strength because of ideal protein. The trainers at Adrenaline kept me motivated as I watched the pounds fall right off. I became a better athlete because of ideal protein. I have tried a lot of gyms in the tri-state area, in search of one that would make me better than everyone else- Adrenaline is it. It is not only the best gym I have ever tried, but has become a second home to me- Adrenaline has changed my life in ways that are to hard to explain. It is truly amazing.

Kayleigh Thies Muhlenberg College - Field Hockey and Lacrosse West Essex High School, NJ

Training at Adrenaline is not like any other training you will experience in your life. It is a mixture of cardio, endurance, strength training, and learning to push yourself to further limits to make you a healthier and more fit individual. In the hour that you train at Adrenaline, you feel your body becoming stronger and more fit then it was when you arrived. The people that train at Adrenaline all have the same mind set and want to better themselves and the people around them. If you think you’ve pushed yourself hard in a workout before, then you should come and train at Adrenaline to see for yourself, just how hard you can push your body physically and mentally. 

Kalia Marie Fasano Montclair State University, Girls Soccer Montclair, NJ

The “Ideal Protein” Diet was the first effective diet I have ever been on! This diet attacked the fat in my body, not my muscle. I felt full the entire time while on the diet – I barely even felt like I was dieting! I highly recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great, you will not be disappointed. I have been training all my life and Jodi is by the far the best trainer I have ever had.

Joe Forgione

As a former collegiate basketball player I used to be in great shape but after I graduated I stopped working out and eating right. After four years out of the gym I began training again at Adrenaline with Chris and jump started my dieting with Jodi and Ideal protein.  Within 4 short months I was able to lose over 30 lbs and feel like an athlete again!  Getting back in the gym was a tough proposition but with Chris's motivation and Jodi's nutritional guidance It was was easy and fun.  They are true professionals and care immensely about their client's health and well being.  I could not have done it without them! 

Kevin Codey

Adrenaline is the best training program I have ever done.  For anyone who has joined countless gyms only to start and stop after a few weeks Adrenaline is the solution.  The workouts are varied and interesting, the studio environment motivating, and the results are amazing. You will stick with Adrenaline and feel great.  

Sue Furlong

The Cougar Aquatic team located in Upper Montclair, NJ is one of the best competitive swim programs in the state. Over the last 3 seasons the addition of Chris Sancetta of Adrenaline has made a tremendous impact on our senior swimmers and one of the ingredients to our success. Our swimmers are stronger, leaner and they are swimming faster than ever since Adrenaline has been added to our program. Even our younger swimmers are getting involved; they also see the importance of what working hard outside the pool can do for their performance in the pool. Chris is a great motivator who gets the job done. 

Judy Montalbano Head Coach Cougar Aquatic Team

I have been a member of Adrenaline for 5 months.  After a two year lay-off from exercising, I joined Adrenaline anticipating that the program and supervision they provide would enable me to regain a conditioning level that I wouldn't achieve working out on my own. I am happy to say that I have had great results and that I am now performing at a level that meets, and in some respects, exceeds my expectations.  I realize that a two year lay-off at any age is hard to overcome. But, I have found at age 59 it is a super challenge and I wouldn't have done it without Chris and Jodi at Adrenaline.

John Erickson

Adrenaline has enhanced my endurance, increased my strength and decreased my body weight. As a cosmetic dermatologist, excersize is another way I try to ikeep my self looking my best. It is essential and I love what Jodi and Chris have done to reshape my body. They truly are excellent trainers.

Jeanine B. Downie, MD Director, Image Dermatalogy Montclair, NJ

Jodi, Chris and the Adrenaline program have been there for me when I needed it most. After the birth of my twins, they helped me get back in shape and they continue to support me through all the everyday things that can get in the way of staying fit. Thanks to them to, I stay on track and thanks to their program, I never get bored!

Laura Berman Fotgang author of "Take yourself to the top", "Living Your Best Life" and "Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction"

Just another gym. That's what I thought Adrenaline would be before I walked through the door. I had been to, and worked out at, almost every gym in the area, so I didn't see how Adrenaline could be any different. But it was. As soon as Jodi took me through a workout, I saw that there was more to being fit than being able to run long distances, spin for hours, or lift heavy weights. There were those exercises for agility, explosiveness, and coordination that I had put away as a kid. Jodie and Chris gave them back to me. Only now I can do them. What does that matter? It matters a lot. When I'm athletically challenged, my mind becomes sharp. When I overcome obstacles in my training, I leap over them at my desk. When I learn to trust my body and its ability to navigate the terrain it encounters, my relationship to the world changes. Adrenaline is so much more than a gym!!!

Virginia Backaitis President, Brilliant Leap

Adrenaline- One Dictionary defines this word as: "One of two chemicals released by the adrenal gland that increases the speed and force of heart beats. It dilates the air ways to improve breathing and narrows blood vessels in the skin and intestine so that an increased flow of blood reaches the muscles and allows them to cope with the demands of exercise"

You could easily replace the word Adrenaline in the dictionary with Chris and or Jodi. Nuff Said!! Don't walk to them... run... now!

Ashley Hammond Owner of the Soccer Domain

A swim team spends most of their time in the water working on endurance and stroke technique. But, one of the most essential parts of a successful program is the incorporation of a complete dry land experience. For the seconds year, Adrenaline has created an incredible sport specific training program that uniquely combined with our practice schedule and has helped to maximize the team's ability to reach its highest potential. I would highly recommend this facility and this program to any team that is serious about achieving a competitive edge.  

Andrea Jordan Head Varsity Swim Team Coach, Mount Saint Dominic Academy 2005 Essex County Swimming Champions

Just wanted to tell you how much the girls and I liked the program you put together for them this fall. I know the training has made them better athletes. Along with giving them a greater understanding of what it takes to become an athlete. The Adrenaline training experience will result in wins for the basketball team at the Mount this winter. The personal attention to detail and commitment to provide the best training experience for the kids was tremendous. We look forward to working with you more in the future.

Jerry Aquino Head Basketball Team Coach, Mount Saint Dominic Academy 2004-2006 Basketball County Champions

The strength and plyometric training that Adrenaline gave me really brought me to a high level within my sport. I saw an impact in my swimming especially on my starts and turns, the most critical points in a race. I felt through my training at Adrenaline I had a great advantage over competitors. Without my training I would have not have had such a great senior year, setting a US Open Record and obtaining two State Titles. 

Lauren English Star Ledger Swimmer of the Year, Rise Magazine Swimmer of the Year US National Team, University of Georgia

I have been going to Adrenaline for about 9 months now. I have seen a huge difference in my athletic activities from attending Adrenaline. I play soccer, baseball, and basketball and it has helped my game so much that even the coaches have noticed a difference. Adrenaline has made me a quicker and stronger athlete which has made my skills improve tremendously.

Jason Sluberski Verona High School All County - Catholic University

Going to Adrenaline has helped me to become the athlete I've wanted to be for a long time. I have improved my speed, strength, balance, and flexibility among many other things. As a basketball player, a couple of the biggest differences that I have noticed are that I am able to jump higher and get more steals because my feet move quicker. My focus is also better and I have become more explosive on the court. Not only have I noticed a change in my running and reflexes, but I have been told by people watching that I have started playing the way they knew I always could.  I was an athlete before, but I needed that push to give me that advantage over all of the other athletes. All in all, every aspect of my game has improved.  Adrenaline has not only helped me playing basketball, but in other sports as well. I was able to work hard, have fun, and see really positive results over a short period of time from working out at Adrenaline.

Maeghan Scott Senior at Mount St. Dominic Academy Varsity Basketball Captain

Adrenaline has been a great experience for me. I am a sophomore at Verona and play varsity football and hockey, and also play baseball. Adrenaline helped me increase my speed, endurance, strength, and has also given me a mental edge that cannot be achieved any other way. This football season I made 2nd team All Conference as a running back and I know that Adrenaline helped me immensely. Without Adrenaline's training techniques and speed workouts I don't think I would have been able to achieve the goals that I had put forth this year. If you have high goals of your own and want to be the best you can be then Adrenaline is the place you must attend.

Mike Canfora Verona High School - Varsity Football and Hockey Bryant University - 2x All County, 2x All State, All State

My girls basketball team worked with Chris and the Adrenaline staff during the fall.  Our focus was on quickness, overall strength and flexibility. The training sessions were intense and hands-on with very litttle down time.  The results are obvious and have been a key part of our success this year and will remain a part of our off-season program. 

Chris Checchetto Varsity girls coach, Cedar Grove High School